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Welcome to Russia

We have combined into a single portal the best offers of travel companies on the organization of your trip to Russia.

Here there is everything, that you could travel to Russia. Your travel includes unique palaces and parks, historical and architectural monuments in many parts of Russia. You are waiting for the ancient city of Russia and the achievements of modern civilization.

St. Petersburg is a young city, it is only 300 years old. Petersburg from the beginning was planned as the capital of the state. This fact has left its characteristics on the architecture of the city. In St. Petersburg building construction was carried out on a single plan by the best architects in Russia and Europe. All the historical part of the city consists solely of architectural ensembles.

This makes St.Petersburg than something similar to Paris, which was all his vrerya Baron Haussmann rebuilt on a single plan. Everyone knows the force of attraction of Paris. Visit St.Petersburg, and you will want to return again and again.

Travel to St.Petersburg

A unique feature of the northern capital of Russia are the "White Nights". Thousands of tourists and residents of the city are walking at night on Palace Embankment Nava and admiring the bridge wiring.

At that time held the feast of high school graduates "Scarlet Sails" which symbolizes molodast and dreams that come true.
Holiday sckhool graduates Scarlet Sails

But not only is beautiful at night St.Petersburg, its palaces and museums will surpass your expectations. The "Russian State Hermitage" and the "Russian Museum" you will enjoy not only the richness of the collection of works of art, but also the richness of the interiors. The "State Hermitage" Museum of Russia - this is the best museum in Europe.
Russian State Hermitage

Russian State Hermitage

Particular interest for tourists are present suburbs of St.Petersburg. First of all, it is the city of fountains Retergof. The unique ensemble of parks and fountains architecture, the like of which does not exist anywhere in the world. For the wisit to all petergof fountains you must use full day.  See the description  
Holiday opening fountains Fountains of Petergof

Imperial Palace in Tsarskoye Selo shines by splendor. Palace and Park in Tsarskoye Selo will leave an unforgettable impression.   See the description  
Imperial Palace in Tsarskoye Selo

In this palace is the Amber Room, which is known throughout the world.
Amber Room Park in Tsarskoye Selo pavilion Hermitage in Tsarskoye Selo The interior of the pavilion Hermitage