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Tours to Murmansk

The list of tours to Murmansk.



Travel to Murmansk by train Imperial Russia. New Year and the Northern Lights

As part of the program, tourists will take a sightseeing tour of Moscow, then head to St. Petersburg. The next stop of the cruise route is the city of Petrozavodsk. Not far from the city, in an ancient settlement, travelers will get acquainted with the culture of ancient peoples in a fascinating interactive form. After taking the train further north, you will arrive in Murmansk!
10 И 4750

Beyond the Northern Lights on the Imperial Russia train

We offer a trip to the Aurora Borealis on the retro train " Imperial Russia" - to the north of Russia in a comfortable hotel on wheels. You will have an exciting journey and the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, the Arctic Ocean and the North of Russia!
10 И 4750

Northern lights Ч Teriberka, Murmansk and the Sami village

Winter active tour program in the Northern area of Russia Ц on the Kola Peninsula. A piece of land in the Arctic circle attracts more and more adventure seekers. We delve into the wonderful world of adventure!
3 $ 500

Murmansk - Kirovsk - Khibiny, 4 days!

There is a vast virgin forest, beautiful marshes and tundra, pristine rivers and lakes, waterfalls and cliffs. Here at the foot of the towering Khibiny mountains is a small but very friendly city carefully preserves its history. Here the steep shores of the Kola Peninsula washed by two seas Ц the White sea and the Barents sea. Here is located the legendary Lovozero tundra Ц " place of power" of the ancient people Ц the Sami. And here you can see an amazing natural phenomenon.
4 $ 450

Autumn in the Khibiny

The world of the polar nature will be painted in the bright colors of autumn, and the slopes of the mountains will turn into a colorful carpet Ч these will appear before you Khibiny. This is not only one of the most picturesque corners of the Kola Peninsula, but also a real storehouse of natural treasures of precious minerals, rare plants and medicinal herbs. You will see this, walking through the rocky ravines and river valleys and getting acquainted with the unique flora of the Khibiny
6 $ 760

Towards the Northern winds

You will travel on Quad bikes to the northernmost point of the European part of Russia Ч Mys German, above only the North pole. Here, standing on the cliff edge and watching the wind with a roar brings the ocean waves on coastal cliffs, feel absolutely free. For the sake of this feeling you want to return to the Kola Peninsula again and again.
4 $ 1100

On the Tersk coast

Rocky headlands, ancient Pomor village and a fantastic desert in the middle of the Arctic tundra, which roam wild Yakut horses. Surprisingly, all this can be seen on the Tersk coast of the White sea. Driving manoeuvrable buggy, you will reach the most remote areas of the coast. Overcoming Ford, mud swamps and conquering rocky tundra, will discover the incredible landscapes of the South - Eastern coast of the Kola Peninsula.
4 ? 1600

Heart Kola

You already rolled the snowmobile across the plain? Then it' s time to try a mountain models. Go to the school of extreme skiing in the Khibiny mountains. Here you are waiting for professional sports instructors and mountain snowmobiles. You will learn how to confidently cope with any terrain and will test himself in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.
3 $ 1550

New year on the edge of the world

Winter holidays on Kola Peninsula. If you have always dreamed to celebrate the New year away from the city rush and pre - holiday excitement, please note on this trip. You stay in a cozy house in a small village in the depths of the Kola Peninsula and relax, studying the cuisine and traditions of the local people
5 $ 770

Storm Kola, 4 days

Uninhabited places covered by ancient Sami legends. The endless ocean that goes beyond the horizon. November on the Kola Peninsula is already winter. At this time, stormy winds are raging here, and you can follow them to where huge waves crash against the rocks.
4 $ 1120

Incredible north. Glamping on the Kola Peninsula.

Comfortable premium glamping. Dome tents with a panoramic view. It seems that this is already enough to go on a trip to the Kola Peninsula. But we added a few more reasons: trips in jeeps, buggies and ATVs, reaching the northernmost mainland of Russia, local delicacies and aurora. It turned out a dream trip. Join now!
5 $ 15000

Shining of the North - Teriberka, Murmansk and Khibiny

Winter is active - an excursion program in the northernmost corner of Russia - on the Kola Peninsula. A piece of land beyond the Arctic Circle beckons more and more adventure seekers. The unusual ice - free Barents Sea in Teriberka, mountains of white snow, and if you' re lucky, and miracles happen in the new year, we will see the northern lights!
5 $ 767

Murmansk: towards Northern Aurora, from March 7, 4 days

Tour itinerary: Murmansk - the hunt for the northern lights - Sá mi village - Kirovsk - Snow village - Lapland reserve. This is a unique region of Russia, where you can reach the nature of the Arctic tundra, while being close to civilization. In this tour you will discover the beautiful world of the Far North of Russia!
4 $ 390