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Tours to Sakhalin

The list of tours to Sakhalin.



Kamchatka and Sakhalin in one round

We suggest visiting a wonderful land, the only island region in Russia. You will feel like pioneers when you get to Sakhalin and Kamchatka, and this journey will not disappoint.
13 И 3602

Sakhalin - Kamchatka

The largest island of Russia, Sakhalin, similar in shape to fish, lies in the Sea of ​ ​ Okhotsk and the Japanese Sea north of Japanese Hokkaido and occupies the bulk of the territory of the Sakhalin Region, which also includes the Kuril Islands. This island is a rich source of natural resources, attracts travelers with a variety of landscapes and a unique mixture of Russian and Japanese cultures.
13 И 3602

Sakhalin - Iturup island - Shikotan, Kunashir, 14 days

New season 2020 tour includes visiting three of the inhabited Islands of the Kuril Islands - Shikotan, Iturup and Kunashir and Sakhalin. With improved air links between Sakhalin and the Kuriles, it became possible! You will see unique landscapes of the island of Shikotan, the White cliffs of Iturup island and the coast of Japan from the island of Kunashir!
14 $ 2160

Sakhalin - Iturup Kunashir, 12 days

The Kuril Islands are one of the most inaccessible places in Russia. They lost in the Pacific Ocean in the far East of Russia. To get here is not just a long and expensive flight to Sakhalin, and then the flight to the Islands themselves. Who have contributed their time and money the traveler will see a truly fantastic landscapes: the volcanoes and hot springs, beached ships and abandoned armored vehicles, relics of the stay of the Japanese, the low trees and tall, human height, grass.
12 $ 1900

Sakhalin - Iturup island - Shikotan, 12 days

Priglashaem to make a fascinating journey to the Islands of the Kuril ridge - Iturup and Shikotan. Hard - to - reach territories in the far East of Russia, the edge, beckoning sophisticated travelers and seasoned tourists. These lands are extremely beautiful. If You decide to visit, be prepared to be surprised. You are waiting for delicious seafood, crabs, many fish and sea, which will follow You everywhere.
12 $ 1845

Sakhalin - Iturup, 10 days

Going on this tour, You will see the most interesting sights of Sakhalin island (Cape Giant, Quiet Bay, lake Busse) and Iturup island (White cliffs, the volcano of Baransky, abandoned armored vehicles) . Are sure You will enjoy the special atmosphere of the Kuril Islands, a unique combination of Russian with the Japanese. Arrived in September are lucky enough to see the progress of Pacific salmon and the year ahead feels full of red fish and seafood.
10 $ 1776

Islands of Sakhalin and Kunashir , 10 days

Kuril Islands Ц one of the most remote regions of Russia. To get here: first long flight to Sakhalin, then a trip on a ship across the sea. Spending a lot of money and time, You certainly will want to see the high and at the same time to relax in comfort. Our route around the island of Kunashir tailored to the capabilities of the average person and requires no special training. Throughout the tour You' ll live in hotels and get good food with seafood specialties.
10 $ 1282

The mysterious island, 7 days

We offer to Your attention a new unique tour of the island of Sakhalin. The tour program includes visiting the main attractions of the island such as Cape Giant, lake Busse, Tikhaya Bay, mud volcano. Discover Sakhalin!
7 $ 822