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Tours to Siberia

The list of tours to Siberia.



Travel by train Imperial Russia: Moscow - Vladivostok

What could be more interesting than to cross almost the whole of Russia from west to east by train? After all, this is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time. Travel on the luxury train " Imperial Russia" . Wide corridors, red carpets, wooden chairs and upholstered chairs, vinyl record tables, showers and spacious compartments.
14 6950

Across Russia: Vladivostok - Moscow

We invite you to an unforgettable journey across Russia on the legendary train " Imperial Russia" . You will see the sights of Russian cities, visit the deepest lake on the planet and enjoy the contemplation of the vast expanses.
14 6950

From Beijing to Moscow by Imperial Russia train

What could be more interesting than to cross almost all of Russia from east to west by train? You will travel to Central Russia via China and Mongolia. This is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time.
15 7100

The Romanovs in Siberia

Guided tour " In the footsteps of the Imperial family" will take You to amazing places - witnesses of the events of a century ago. You will learn about the development of the country during the reign of the Romanov dynasty, including the rapid development and development of the largest part of our country - the Urals and Siberia. Via Tyumen, Tobolsk, it took a lot of exiles is one of the most important pages in the history of this region.
3 $ 280

Realm of Amur Tiger

The Amur Tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on our planet. At present there are only around 200 species left, and with this custom trip to Siberia we offer you a unique chance to see this gorgeous wild cat in its natural habitat. This is a fully customizable guided Siberia travel package.
9 $ 3251

Siberia. Unique program, 4 days

Siberia. This is a historical and geographical area within the Asian part of Russia, which was settled in the Stone Age. In terms of nature, West Siberia and East Siberia stand out. East occupies the territory from the Yenisei to the ranges of the Pacific watershed. The climate is mostly harsh, sharply continental.
4 $ 923

In the footsteps of the pioneers, 10 days

Historical and ethnographic excursion tour to Siberia along the route: Yekaterinburg - Krasnoturyinsk - Yugorsk - Khanty - Mansiysk - Tobolsk - Tyumen - Yalutorovsk - Talitsa - Zarechny.
10 $ 1077

In the Urals, Russia is reflected . . . . , 8 days

Excursion tour to the Urals on the route: Ekaterinburg - Berezovsky - Kungur Ice Cave - Perm - Lysva - Nizhny Tagil - mountain complex " Belaya Gora" - Visim - Nevyansk - Monastery of Royal Passion - beaters on Ganina Pit - Upper Pyshma.
8 $ 890

Tales, legends and traditions of the southern Urals

Excursion tour of the South Ural on the route: Ekaterinburg - Zlatoust - Ufa - Krasnoufimsk.
3 $ 225

Tales of the lands of the Ural, 10 days

Tour of the Ural circumnavigation on the route Ekaterinburg Nizhniy Ufaley Miass - Zlatoust - Ufa - Krasnousolsk - Sterlitamak - the Nugush - Orenburg - Saraktash Magnitogorsk - Chelyabinsk
10 $ 1057

Tales of the lands of the Ural, 10 days

Tour of the Ural circumnavigation on the route Ekaterinburg Nizhniy Ufaley Miass - Zlatoust - Ufa - Krasnousolsk - Sterlitamak - the Nugush - Orenburg - Saraktash Magnitogorsk - Chelyabinsk.
10 $ 1057

Along the Siberian tract, 7 days

Excursion tour to the Urals and to Siberia along the route: Yekaterinburg - Talitsa - Tyumen - Tobolsk - Pokrovskoe - Turinsk - Irbit - Alapaevsk - Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha - Nizhny Tagil - Visim - Belaya Mountain - Nevyansk - Ganina Yama.
7 $ 792

Tobolsk - Tyumen, 3 days

Excursion tour to Tobolsk and Tyumen from St. Petersburg on the route: Ekaterinburg - Talitsa - Tyumen - Tobolsk - Pokrovskoye.
3 $ 325

Siberian boots, 3 days

Excursion tour to Siberia along the route: Ekaterinburg - Dalmatovo - Shadrinsk - Yalutorovsk - Ishim.
3 $ 252

Secrets of the Sayan Ring, 8 days

Distant, mysterious and inaccessible. In the view of many - the snow - covered land with impassable taiga, where bears manage. Siberia is still terra incognita in many ways. But there is a journey that opens the veil of secrecy. Journey through the Sayan ring.
8 $ 1420

Great Sayan Ring, 10 days

Siberia for many still remains a mysterious and inaccessible land. For the most part - due to lack of information. A journey through the Great Sayan Ring will lift the veil of this mystery, and everything you see will no doubt be remembered for long. You will get acquainted with the life of the Siberians of the past centuries, with the modern way of their life, feel the hospitality of the locals, learn how multinational and rich in cultural traditions this endless land.
10 $ 1700

Tomsk is the heart of Siberia!

Tomsk is a city of rich history and original culture. Today it is, without exaggeration, one of the significant cultural centers of Siberia. Amazing events and legends of our country are connected with this city.
5 $ 415

Tyumen - Pokrovskoye - Tobolsk, 4 days

You will enjoy the views of the Siberian landscapes, visit the thermal springs, visit the places visited by the royal family, both against their own will and against it . . . You will recognize the main cities of Siberia: Tyumen and Tobolsk and be sure to swim in the thermal springs!
4 $ 310

Imperial route, 3 days

You will see the places where events occurred that changed the fate not only of Russia, but of the whole world . . .
3 $ 312

Yakutsk Lenskie Shyoki Yakutsk, 12 days. September 5, 2019

Lena' s cheeks are one of the deepest canyons in Siberia, which are high steep cliffs that stretch along the banks of the river. " Demyan Bedny" is a three - deck passenger motor ship of the project Q065, equipped with modern navigation technology, possessing good maneuverability. The motor ships of this series are designed for operation on inland waterways and are used on tourist routes. Tourists are provided with " luxury" cabins, one - , two - and four - bed cabins
12 $ 1108

Yakutsk Lena Pillars Tiksi Yakutsk , Mikhail Svetlov Ship, 14 days

You will find an exciting program aboard the ship, lectures on the history of the republic, competitions with prizes, discos and live performances of artists, which will perfectly complement your rich holiday.
14 $ 1461

Ust - Kut Sottintsy Yakutsk (Demyan Bedniy Ship) , 10 days

Ust - Kut is a city (since 1954) in Russia, the administrative center of the Ust - Kutsky district of the Irkutsk region. It is located 510 km to the north of Irkutsk. Sottintsy - a village in the Ust - Aldan ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) . Population approx. 2, 1 thousand people.
10 $ 1009

From Moscow to Vladivostok on regular trains 17 days⁄ 16 night

Our program - a great opportunity to drive along the immense Russian Trans - Siberian Railway - from Moscow to Vladivostok. We picked the best train, good hotels and excursion program in the most interesting towns along the way. The route: Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk Akademgorodok - Krasnoyarsk with a cruise along the Yenisei River and a trip to the famous national park " Pillars" - two days of rest at Lake Baikal - Ulan - Ude and Ivilginski temple - fishing in Chita.
17 $ 1731

Travel by Trans - Siberian Railway

Program above is just example. Using REGULAR train we can contstruct and operate any itineraries with any duration and any stops along Trans - Siberian railway. Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan - Ude, Ulan - Baator.
14 ? 1335