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Extreme tours

The list of Extreme tours.



Christmas weekend in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is located on the North - West of Russia, the administrative center of Kaliningrad oblast, which has no borders with other regions of Russia, and borders only with Lithuania and Poland.
3 $ 250

Journey of dreams! North pole on the nuclear icebreaker, 18 Jun 2020, 12 days

North pole a place that belongs to all of us, but only a few have ever been in this " sacred" place. Here on top of the world all meridians converge, and in any direction just South. Desirable for many countries, the North pole belongs to no one. Having no economic value, it is unique and the only place in the world, and therefore the importance of it is priceless. Why journey to the North pole - this is the most unique vacations and the greatest achievement on the planet?
12 $ 30995

The Baikal ice, 6 days

" The" ice of Baikal, which you saw in Instagram, Facebook, commercials and movies. I guess it' s time to see with your own eyes? Find numerous cracks and bubbles, have the alloy on the ice and skate on the biggest rink in the country. Join our races!
6 $ 1955

New Year on Lake Baikal, 6 days

Want to celebrate the New year at the pure and beautiful lake of Russia? If you want to ride a snowmobile and dog sledding in the taiga forest, to observe the Baikal seal, to capture the sunset on the island of Olkhon and Baikal " paroled" the Small sea. And all this in just 6 days as comfortable and active holidays.
6 $ 1650

Towards the Northern winds

You will travel on Quad bikes to the northernmost point of the European part of Russia Mys German, above only the North pole. Here, standing on the cliff edge and watching the wind with a roar brings the ocean waves on coastal cliffs, feel absolutely free. For the sake of this feeling you want to return to the Kola Peninsula again and again.
4 $ 1100

Heart Kola

You already rolled the snowmobile across the plain? Then it' s time to try a mountain models. Go to the school of extreme skiing in the Khibiny mountains. Here you are waiting for professional sports instructors and mountain snowmobiles. You will learn how to confidently cope with any terrain and will test himself in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.
3 $ 1550

New year on the edge of the world

Winter holidays on Kola Peninsula. If you have always dreamed to celebrate the New year away from the city rush and pre - holiday excitement, please note on this trip. You stay in a cozy house in a small village in the depths of the Kola Peninsula and relax, studying the cuisine and traditions of the local people
5 $ 770

Best of Russia, 10 days

City: Moscow, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Saint Petersburg. Don' t miss your chance to explore Russia' s beautiful capitals and the ancient towns of the Golden Ring with our carefully prepared value package. The program includes everything you need to get acquainted with the country: from centrally located 4 - star accommodation and private transfers to our best and trusted guides who will accompany you to all the must - sees.
10 $ 3950

Legends of the North: Tolbachik volcano and Azhabachye lake, 12 days

Leader of project is Denis We offer you to take a trip to the severe North of Kamchatka where located the ones of the highest volcanoes all over the peninsula and that by - turn created a surrounding landscape design. The vegetation along the whole length of the route turns into burnt lava and ground ash, fanciful shapes of stone sculptures and where you can feel how strong and large nature cataclysm is.
12 $ 1800

Kamchatka Bears, Volcanoes, Orcas, 14 days

Leader of project is Liliya Grishina If your goal is to visit a lot of beautiful places in Kamchatka, then this tour is the best variant for you. Within two weeks well cross the peninsula from the east to the west; then well go to the south. Thank to this eventful program we will see Kamchatka land from the top of two active volcanoes, explore volcanic craters, take on a trip to South Kamchatka Sanctuary and watch bears snatching a fish in Lake Kuril.
10,14 $ 2850

Snowy Craca, 6 days

Region: Urals Reserve: Bashkirian Reserve Shulgan - Tash Reserve South Urals is an ideal place for winter holidays. Winters are still snowy and frosty here and mountains stay covered with white blanket shining in the sun. We invite you for a journey on sleigh or horses along forest and mountain trails. The rout of this exotic programs passes spurs of Kraka - Tau mountain range, Kaga and Agidel rivers flood plains.
6 $ 340

North Pole aboard nuclear icebreaker 50 years of Victory, 15 days

To reach the North Pole is the pinnacle of Arctic expedition endeavors. Few people can say they stood at the one earthly spot where every direction is south. Crushing through the ice, admiring soaring seabirds and visiting Franz Josef Land, your voyage will be one that you wont soon forget. The added excitement of helicopter excursions and an optional hot air balloon ride at the top of the world make this adventure a true once - in - a - lifetime experience.
15 $ 29995

Volcanoes alive, 8 days

The best time to realize this tour is July, the 1st September, the 15th. The group consists of 16 people. This route is good for novices (without special physical training) .
8 $ 950

3 Days in Nizhniy Novgorod. MiG - 29

Here is something that you might never have done before sit inside the cockpit of the MiG - 29 " Fulcrum advanced jet fighter aircraft. Not only that but to be able to fly in the aircraft, and experience aerobatic maneuvres, might well be a thrill of a lifetime.
3 210

Great Military Adventure

This military adventure tour is organized by us with help of the former Russian Army special service experts. They can train you to survive in woods, how to adapt to the forest and many other things.
6 $ 1500

Baikonur Launch Tour

We are specializes in Aviation and Space tourism in Russia. We provide Tours in Baikonur Cosmodrome . We are a full service travel company together with Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos) and our partners in Baikonur are continuously striving to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and interesting Tour in Baikonur that it is possible to buy from Russia.
7 3300

Tank rides in Russia

An exceptional offer from our company - a unique tour, which is only available in Russia - tank rides in Russia. Are you a fan of military equipment and want to organize an event in Russia, or make a memorable gift? Then this tour is the right choice for you.
7 ? 1500