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Wine tour: amber vine

Amber Vine is an author' s wine tour to the mysterious world of winemaking. The program is suitable for gourmets, connoisseurs of beauty, curious tourists and fans of photography. On this tour, you will not only learn to understand the varieties of domestic and imported wines, but also enjoy the unique taste of a noble drink from the best producers of the Kuban.
5 $ 630

Tour to Krasnodar region, 7 days

The proposed tourist route across the Krasnodar Territory is both a zone of endless steppes of the Kuban lowland and the Black Sea coast with its health resorts and popular attractions. The trek takes you to the foothills of the Main Caucasian ridge and introduces you to the unique nature of the Northern slope of the Caucasus Mountains.
7 $ 633

Sochi exclusive

Weekly sightseeing tour of Sochi for informative rest with accommodation in a guest house. Routes of thematic excursions pass through the picturesque and historical places of Greater Sochi. The tour program is designed for people of any physical form; children from 6 years old can comfortably participate.
3,4,5,6 $ 533

Travel to Murmansk by train Imperial Russia. New Year and the Northern Lights

As part of the program, tourists will take a sightseeing tour of Moscow, then head to St. Petersburg. The next stop of the cruise route is the city of Petrozavodsk. Not far from the city, in an ancient settlement, travelers will get acquainted with the culture of ancient peoples in a fascinating interactive form. After taking the train further north, you will arrive in Murmansk!
10 4750

Beyond the Northern Lights on the Imperial Russia train

We offer a trip to the Aurora Borealis on the retro train " Imperial Russia" - to the north of Russia in a comfortable hotel on wheels. You will have an exciting journey and the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, the Arctic Ocean and the North of Russia!
10 4750

Travel by train Imperial Russia: Moscow - Vladivostok

What could be more interesting than to cross almost the whole of Russia from west to east by train? After all, this is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time. Travel on the luxury train " Imperial Russia" . Wide corridors, red carpets, wooden chairs and upholstered chairs, vinyl record tables, showers and spacious compartments.
14 6950

Across Russia: Vladivostok - Moscow

We invite you to an unforgettable journey across Russia on the legendary train " Imperial Russia" . You will see the sights of Russian cities, visit the deepest lake on the planet and enjoy the contemplation of the vast expanses.
14 6950

From Beijing to Moscow by Imperial Russia train

What could be more interesting than to cross almost all of Russia from east to west by train? You will travel to Central Russia via China and Mongolia. This is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time.
15 7100

Imperial Russia. Travel by train: Moscow - Beijing

What could be more interesting than to cross almost the whole of Russia from west to east by train? After all, this is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time. But participation in this tour will allow you to realize an even more grandiose idea to make a trip from Central Russia through Mongolia to China
15 7100

Familiarity with Chechnya

Route: Ivan Lake Kazenoyam Hoi An Ancient Town Benoy. Chechen Republic borders Ingushetia (to the West) , North Ossetia - Alania (North - West) , Stavropol Krai (in the North) , Dagestan (in the North - East and East) and Georgia (in the South) . The southern border of Chechnya, coinciding with the state border of the Russian Federation, passes along the crests of ridges. From the North to the South of the Chechen Republic stretches for 170 km from West to East - more than 100 km.
5 $ 370

Hello capital of the Urals, 2 days

The tour program: Sightseeing tour the border of Europe and Asia Ekaterinburg arena Museum of military equipment the pedestrian vaynera street is the Museum of fine arts
2 $ 175

Autumn in the Khibiny

The world of the polar nature will be painted in the bright colors of autumn, and the slopes of the mountains will turn into a colorful carpet these will appear before you Khibiny. This is not only one of the most picturesque corners of the Kola Peninsula, but also a real storehouse of natural treasures of precious minerals, rare plants and medicinal herbs. You will see this, walking through the rocky ravines and river valleys and getting acquainted with the unique flora of the Khibiny
6 $ 760

Towards the Northern winds

You will travel on Quad bikes to the northernmost point of the European part of Russia Mys German, above only the North pole. Here, standing on the cliff edge and watching the wind with a roar brings the ocean waves on coastal cliffs, feel absolutely free. For the sake of this feeling you want to return to the Kola Peninsula again and again.
4 $ 1100

On the Tersk coast

Rocky headlands, ancient Pomor village and a fantastic desert in the middle of the Arctic tundra, which roam wild Yakut horses. Surprisingly, all this can be seen on the Tersk coast of the White sea. Driving manoeuvrable buggy, you will reach the most remote areas of the coast. Overcoming Ford, mud swamps and conquering rocky tundra, will discover the incredible landscapes of the South - Eastern coast of the Kola Peninsula.
4 ? 1600

Storm Kola, 4 days

Uninhabited places covered by ancient Sami legends. The endless ocean that goes beyond the horizon. November on the Kola Peninsula is already winter. At this time, stormy winds are raging here, and you can follow them to where huge waves crash against the rocks.
4 $ 1120

Incredible north. Glamping on the Kola Peninsula.

Comfortable premium glamping. Dome tents with a panoramic view. It seems that this is already enough to go on a trip to the Kola Peninsula. But we added a few more reasons: trips in jeeps, buggies and ATVs, reaching the northernmost mainland of Russia, local delicacies and aurora. It turned out a dream trip. Join now!
5 $ 15000

Weekend in the capital, 2 days

A great opportunity to visit Moscow for the weekend. We offer hotels in the center of Moscow in walking distance from red square and the Central metro stations. You will have a great opportunity to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the weekend, stroll through the main streets, but if you wish to purchase additional tours.
2 $ 86

Realm of Amur Tiger

The Amur Tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on our planet. At present there are only around 200 species left, and with this custom trip to Siberia we offer you a unique chance to see this gorgeous wild cat in its natural habitat. This is a fully customizable guided Siberia travel package.
9 $ 3251

Tobolsk - Tyumen, 3 days

Excursion tour to Tobolsk and Tyumen from St. Petersburg on the route: Ekaterinburg - Talitsa - Tyumen - Tobolsk - Pokrovskoye.
3 $ 325

Sakhalin - Iturup island - Shikotan, Kunashir, 14 days

New season 2020 tour includes visiting three of the inhabited Islands of the Kuril Islands - Shikotan, Iturup and Kunashir and Sakhalin. With improved air links between Sakhalin and the Kuriles, it became possible! You will see unique landscapes of the island of Shikotan, the White cliffs of Iturup island and the coast of Japan from the island of Kunashir!
14 $ 2160

Sakhalin - Iturup Kunashir, 12 days

The Kuril Islands are one of the most inaccessible places in Russia. They lost in the Pacific Ocean in the far East of Russia. To get here is not just a long and expensive flight to Sakhalin, and then the flight to the Islands themselves. Who have contributed their time and money the traveler will see a truly fantastic landscapes: the volcanoes and hot springs, beached ships and abandoned armored vehicles, relics of the stay of the Japanese, the low trees and tall, human height, grass.
12 $ 1900

Sakhalin - Iturup island - Shikotan, 12 days

Priglashaem to make a fascinating journey to the Islands of the Kuril ridge - Iturup and Shikotan. Hard - to - reach territories in the far East of Russia, the edge, beckoning sophisticated travelers and seasoned tourists. These lands are extremely beautiful. If You decide to visit, be prepared to be surprised. You are waiting for delicious seafood, crabs, many fish and sea, which will follow You everywhere.
12 $ 1845

Sakhalin - Iturup, 10 days

Going on this tour, You will see the most interesting sights of Sakhalin island (Cape Giant, Quiet Bay, lake Busse) and Iturup island (White cliffs, the volcano of Baransky, abandoned armored vehicles) . Are sure You will enjoy the special atmosphere of the Kuril Islands, a unique combination of Russian with the Japanese. Arrived in September are lucky enough to see the progress of Pacific salmon and the year ahead feels full of red fish and seafood.
10 $ 1776

Islands of Sakhalin and Kunashir , 10 days

Kuril Islands one of the most remote regions of Russia. To get here: first long flight to Sakhalin, then a trip on a ship across the sea. Spending a lot of money and time, You certainly will want to see the high and at the same time to relax in comfort. Our route around the island of Kunashir tailored to the capabilities of the average person and requires no special training. Throughout the tour You' ll live in hotels and get good food with seafood specialties.
10 $ 1282

The mysterious island, 7 days

We offer to Your attention a new unique tour of the island of Sakhalin. The tour program includes visiting the main attractions of the island such as Cape Giant, lake Busse, Tikhaya Bay, mud volcano. Discover Sakhalin!
7 $ 822

Secrets of the Sayan Ring, 8 days

Distant, mysterious and inaccessible. In the view of many - the snow - covered land with impassable taiga, where bears manage. Siberia is still terra incognita in many ways. But there is a journey that opens the veil of secrecy. Journey through the Sayan ring.
8 $ 1420

Great Sayan Ring, 10 days

Siberia for many still remains a mysterious and inaccessible land. For the most part - due to lack of information. A journey through the Great Sayan Ring will lift the veil of this mystery, and everything you see will no doubt be remembered for long. You will get acquainted with the life of the Siberians of the past centuries, with the modern way of their life, feel the hospitality of the locals, learn how multinational and rich in cultural traditions this endless land.
10 $ 1700

Tomsk is the heart of Siberia!

Tomsk is a city of rich history and original culture. Today it is, without exaggeration, one of the significant cultural centers of Siberia. Amazing events and legends of our country are connected with this city.
5 $ 415

Tyumen - Pokrovskoye - Tobolsk, 4 days

You will enjoy the views of the Siberian landscapes, visit the thermal springs, visit the places visited by the royal family, both against their own will and against it . . . You will recognize the main cities of Siberia: Tyumen and Tobolsk and be sure to swim in the thermal springs!
4 $ 310

Imperial route, 3 days

You will see the places where events occurred that changed the fate not only of Russia, but of the whole world . . .
3 $ 312

Winter fairy tale, 7 days.

This is a special adventure taking advantage of the relatively mild winters in Kamchatka with wonderful thermal hot springs, exciting skiing, fun dog - sledding and much more! Kamchatka is a winter paradise waiting for your arrival.
7 $ 1254

Kamchatka. Spring Mix, from April 25, 7 days.

Spring Mix tour allows you to see Kamchatka in one of the most amazig seasons when anyone can witness Winter turning into Summer. First green appears in field and forests while mountains ar still covered with snow.
7 $ 1368

Welcome to Georgia, 4 days

Discover Georgia and Feel Diversity! Collect unforgettable memories with us! Tour Itinerary: Tbilisi Mtskheta Dzhvari Ananuri Pasanauri Kazbegi - Tbilisi
4 $ 1260

Best of Russia, 10 days

City: Moscow, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Saint Petersburg. Don' t miss your chance to explore Russia' s beautiful capitals and the ancient towns of the Golden Ring with our carefully prepared value package. The program includes everything you need to get acquainted with the country: from centrally located 4 - star accommodation and private transfers to our best and trusted guides who will accompany you to all the must - sees.
10 $ 3950

Rusia para el añ o nuevo, 8 dí as

Rusia es un nuevo lugar llegado el invierno entero, con su nieve - Dusted ciudades y las fiestas de Navidad ortodoxa rusa en plena marcha.
8 $ 1730

Russia for the New Year and Christmas, 8 days

Russia is a whole new place come winter, with its snow - dusted cities and the festivities of Russian Orthodox Christmas in full swing.
8 ? 1615

North Pole aboard nuclear icebreaker 50 years of Victory, 15 days

To reach the North Pole is the pinnacle of Arctic expedition endeavors. Few people can say they stood at the one earthly spot where every direction is south. Crushing through the ice, admiring soaring seabirds and visiting Franz Josef Land, your voyage will be one that you wont soon forget. The added excitement of helicopter excursions and an optional hot air balloon ride at the top of the world make this adventure a true once - in - a - lifetime experience.
15 $ 29995

La excursió n privada por los rí os y canales de San - Petersburgo

No hay mejor vista a San Petersburgo que desde el agua, por eso no olvide de coger su camara.
1 ? 199

Excursion in Uzbekistan, 7 days 6 nights

Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara. Fascinating journey to Uzbekistan⁄
7 $ 760

Sirius. Learning Center for Children

Scientific and creative program " School of Science and Creativity" Sirius " in the Park of Science and Art" Sirius " for children aged 8 to 15 years
6 $ 450

Oriental Adventures, 15 days

The Orient is a delicate thing: fine pattern, delicate silk, fine art, graceful and charming dances There are a few people in the world who are indifferent to the beautiful. Thats why the East as a whole and Central Asia in particular has always attracted rapt attention of military leaders, invaders and ordinary wonderers.
15 $ 2088

Great Silk Road, 35 days

tinerary: Beijing - Xian - Lanchow - Labrang - Lanchow - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - - Kashgar - Irkeshtam pass - Base camp under the Lenin Peak - Osh - Ferghana - Margilan - Ferghana - Rishtan - Kokand - Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Khiva - Konya - Urgench - Tashauz - Ashgabat - Mary - Merv - Mary - Turkmen - Iranian border - Mashhad - Shiraz - Persepolis - Isfahan - Tehran.
31 $ 6498

Solovetskie Islands, 6 days

Recommended period: May - September. Destinations: Belomorsk, the Solovetsky Monastery. Main sights: the ensemble of the Solovetsky Monastery. Accommodation: the Hotel Complex Solovki. Meals: full board. Transport: train, motor ship.
6 ? 323

Silver Crown, 5 days

Main sights: the Oreshek Fortress, the Ladoga Fortress, St. Sophias Cathedral, Novgorod Kremlin, the Museum of Wooden Architecture, the Yuriev Monastery, Pskovan Kremlin, the Trinity Cathedral in Pskov, the Mironezhsky Monastery, the Izborsk Fortress, the Slavic Springs, the Pskovo - Pechersky Assumption Monastery, the Pushkin House - Museum in the village of Mikhailovskoe
5 ? 357

Moscow Never Sleeps, 4 days

Recommended period: all the year round. Destination: Moscow. Main sights: the Moscow Kremlin, The Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Pushkin. Accommodation: Hotel Cosmos * * * * , Hotel Izmailovo Alfa* * * . Meals: half board. Transport: coach.
4 $ 286

Lake Baikal, 4 days

Starting point: Irkutsk. Recommended period: June the middle of October. Main sights: Lake Baikal, Museum of Lake Baikal, Museum of Wooden Architecture of the 17 - 19th centuries, Irkutsk Regional Museum. Destinations: Irkutsk, Lake Baikal. Accommodation: 3* hotel. Meals: BB. Transport: coach.
4 ? 460

Lake Baikal . Irkutsk - Ulan - Ude, 5 day

Starting point: Irkutsk. Recommended period: June the middle of October. Main sights: Decembrists Museum, Museum of Wooden Architecture, Museum of Lake Baikal, Ethnographical museum, Ivolginsky Dasan. Destinations: Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan - Ude. Accommodation: 3* hotel. Meals: BB. Transport: coach, train, ferry
5 ? 766

Kamchatka travel, 13 day

Main sights: Mutnovsky and Gorely Volcanoes, Bystraya river, Valley of Geysers Destinations: Kamchatka Peninsula. Accommodation: 3* hotel, camping. Meals: as per program. Transport: coach
13 ? 1578

Historical travel, 9 day

Recommended period: May - September Destinations: Petrozavodsk, island of Kizhi, the Solovetsky Monastery, Belomosrko - Baltic Canal Main sights: Island of Kizhi, the Solovetsky Monastery, Belomorsko - Baltic Canal Accommodation: 3* hotel and the hotel complex Solovki
9 ? 822

Tank rides in Russia

An exceptional offer from our company - a unique tour, which is only available in Russia - tank rides in Russia. Are you a fan of military equipment and want to organize an event in Russia, or make a memorable gift? Then this tour is the right choice for you.
7 ? 1500