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Travel to Murmansk by train Imperial Russia. New Year and the Northern Lights

As part of the program, tourists will take a sightseeing tour of Moscow, then head to St. Petersburg. The next stop of the cruise route is the city of Petrozavodsk. Not far from the city, in an ancient settlement, travelers will get acquainted with the culture of ancient peoples in a fascinating interactive form. After taking the train further north, you will arrive in Murmansk!
10 4750

Beyond the Northern Lights on the Imperial Russia train

We offer a trip to the Aurora Borealis on the retro train " Imperial Russia" - to the north of Russia in a comfortable hotel on wheels. You will have an exciting journey and the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, the Arctic Ocean and the North of Russia!
10 4750

Travel by train Imperial Russia: Moscow - Vladivostok

What could be more interesting than to cross almost the whole of Russia from west to east by train? After all, this is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time. Travel on the luxury train " Imperial Russia" . Wide corridors, red carpets, wooden chairs and upholstered chairs, vinyl record tables, showers and spacious compartments.
14 6950

Across Russia: Vladivostok - Moscow

We invite you to an unforgettable journey across Russia on the legendary train " Imperial Russia" . You will see the sights of Russian cities, visit the deepest lake on the planet and enjoy the contemplation of the vast expanses.
14 6950

From Beijing to Moscow by Imperial Russia train

What could be more interesting than to cross almost all of Russia from east to west by train? You will travel to Central Russia via China and Mongolia. This is an opportunity to realize how huge and rich our country is, how diverse and united it is at the same time.
15 7100

North Pole aboard nuclear icebreaker 50 years of Victory, 15 days

To reach the North Pole is the pinnacle of Arctic expedition endeavors. Few people can say they stood at the one earthly spot where every direction is south. Crushing through the ice, admiring soaring seabirds and visiting Franz Josef Land, your voyage will be one that you wont soon forget. The added excitement of helicopter excursions and an optional hot air balloon ride at the top of the world make this adventure a true once - in - a - lifetime experience.
15 $ 29995

La excursió n privada por los rí os y canales de San - Petersburgo

No hay mejor vista a San Petersburgo que desde el agua, por eso no olvide de coger su camara.
1 ? 199

Great Silk Road, 35 days

tinerary: Beijing - Xian - Lanchow - Labrang - Lanchow - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - - Kashgar - Irkeshtam pass - Base camp under the Lenin Peak - Osh - Ferghana - Margilan - Ferghana - Rishtan - Kokand - Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Khiva - Konya - Urgench - Tashauz - Ashgabat - Mary - Merv - Mary - Turkmen - Iranian border - Mashhad - Shiraz - Persepolis - Isfahan - Tehran.
31 $ 6498

3 Days in Nizhniy Novgorod. MiG - 29

Here is something that you might never have done before sit inside the cockpit of the MiG - 29 " Fulcrum advanced jet fighter aircraft. Not only that but to be able to fly in the aircraft, and experience aerobatic maneuvres, might well be a thrill of a lifetime.
3 210

Great Military Adventure

This military adventure tour is organized by us with help of the former Russian Army special service experts. They can train you to survive in woods, how to adapt to the forest and many other things.
6 $ 1500

Baikonur Launch Tour

We are specializes in Aviation and Space tourism in Russia. We provide Tours in Baikonur Cosmodrome . We are a full service travel company together with Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos) and our partners in Baikonur are continuously striving to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and interesting Tour in Baikonur that it is possible to buy from Russia.
7 3300

Tank rides in Russia

An exceptional offer from our company - a unique tour, which is only available in Russia - tank rides in Russia. Are you a fan of military equipment and want to organize an event in Russia, or make a memorable gift? Then this tour is the right choice for you.
7 ? 1500