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The sights of Tatarstan


Kazan is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is also one of the most exciting cities I have ever seen. Last year we visited Kazan with our school teachers and classmates. It was an informative trip, as we saw lots of historic, natural and architectural sights. Our guide was an elderly woman who had a lot to tell. In local language Kazan means "a pot, which is true as it resembles a hollow or boiler. The city has a favourable geographic position. It is situated near the Volga River which helped to develop trading relations from ancient times. According to historians the city is one thousand years or even older. In the middle of the 16th century it became the part of the Russian empire and the population constantly grew since then. At the moment Kazan shows population over a million people. It features a well-developed chemical and aviation industry, sports and cultural fields. Perhaps, the most popular sport in the city is football. Cultural background is also on good level. You can find the Academic Opera, the Museum of Natural History and other culturally interesting establishments there. All the guests of the city are offered to visit the Kremlin, which is a complex of outstanding monuments.

City is a recognized sports capital of Russia. It has hosted many important sports events. The International Summer Universiade of 2013 was among them. And in 2018 our city is going to host the FIFA World Cup.

In August of 2005 Kazan celebrated its millennium anniversary. Undoubtedly, its a very important date in the history of any city, and what is more, not many of them can boast of this. There are cities in different parts of the world which are famous for their rare and unforgettable beauty and thats why they always attract millions of tourists, who admire their places of interest with great pleasure.

Kazan is not only the capital city; it is one of the worlds most important political, scientific and cultural centers. It is famous for its perfect layout, beautiful historical monuments, mosques, churches and architectural ensembles. Today Kazan is open for guests of the whole world.

Tourists who used to come on a visit to Kazan formerly, liked to say that it was a real pearl of the Orient in the heart of Russia, because Kazan differed deeply from any other Russian city then, thanks to its striking beauty.